Thanks for stopping by Walk Your Dog With Love. We make the World’s Best Dog Harness and Dog Gear. Everything on the site is stuff that I made and used with my pack of 5 dogs; that I now make for you and your dogs. 

I have always used harnesses on my dogs – I just hated walking them from their necks – even my best walking dogs. It just didn't feel right in my heart. And my Vet showed me some things that validated this even more – you can see why by clicking here. Sure, my dogs still want to see a squirrels, and the neighbor’s dogs and cats . . . yet I have much more control AND I am not walking them from their necks. And that is worth everything!

I took the idea of leading from the front from people who walk horses. I asked them, 'Why do you Walk from the front? And they told me ‘Because it lets us steer!”

Duh! And the Walk Your Dog With Love front-leading dog harness was born!  I know you will love it.


Dan Merson



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